Distillate is a cannabis product result from the process of separating components or substances from a liquid mixture by using selective boiling and condensation levels . some similar products like distillate are wax , crumble , live resin , THC,  CBD and RSO

THC distillate is, to put it simply, an extremely pure form of THC extract that is completely free of solvents like  wax , crumble , live resin and RSO, but is full of flavour and potency. This lack of impurities also means that it produces a very clean smoke, making it ideal for users who might be averse to the harsher smoke of other extracts, and using distillate has been shown to be a dramatic step up from smoking other forms of cannabis, especially flowers.


 Better uses of Cannabis Distillate

Cannabis distillate product is use in making edibles, wax, RSO, decarboxylated flower, etc. 
  1. Cannabis is safe, you cannot die from taking too much cannabis.
  2. Cannabis is safe, it doesn’t cause a lot of unwanted direct-effects those effects drug companies like to call side-effects. Once you become accustomed, many people don’t even notice they’re using it. Personally, I’ve used up to a gram a day of undiluted full spectrum RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) which is a THC wax dominant oil with up to 90% THC, after a few weeks of mostly sleeping, it was like not using medicine at all.
  3. Over the past few years, despite cannabis’s criminal status in many places, our dispensaries, growers, scientists, and labs have been extracting and distilling the various cannabinoids (medicines) in cannabis, there are about 80, along with the terpenes (aromas and flavors), about 400 of those, they all play a part too. So, the combinations, ways to use it, strains, make for an almost endless selection, if one strength or type or mode doesn’t work for you, in your life-style, you can safely, and easily try something else next time until you find something that works for you. The extracts, distillates, budders, shatter, allow for more powerful medicines, without burning plant material. Smoking or vaping provides the best bio-availability and allows you to titrate (use as much as required) to get the result you want. Edibles and tintures and sprays, require some caution since too much is not fun at all, though never life-threatening, it is impossible to die from too much cannabis. We now know, unwanted effects of high doses of THC (getting high) can be counter-acted by CBD.
  4. The CBD part of cannabis is a great medicine for anxiety or PTS(d), inhaled cannabis or hemp derived CBD works right away, much like inhaled THC provides almost immediate pain relief.
  5. Cannabis is the only substance on the planet, of the 30,000 substances tested capable of killing a cancer stem-cell, and, it does so, without causing any harm to healthy cells, or causing those second, more aggressive, often fatal cancer, like every drug the hospital gives you. Barb Kueber’s answer to Is there a cure for cancer?
  6. Cannabis, in the proper form can be used topically, (it won’t make you high) to treat any number of conditions, like skin cancer, nerve and muscle pain, and, it can help to heal cut, incisions, and rashes. It causes nothing unwanted at all.
  7. Cannabis isn’t physically addictive, it doesn’t stimulate the reward centre in our brains.
  8. People who use cannabis as medicine, look younger, I would suggest, their bodies are younger.

These are a few benefits of using cannabis as medicine.

 Type of Cannabis Distillate

we have wax THC and CBD , RSO type . some ae use to help cancer pacients . Since weed and even terpenes affect everyone differently a good tip is try around for yourself. Don’t leave out trying cbd only strains as I’ve found some strains with almost no thc do the best for my sleeping while more traditional and THC strains result in my mind running a marathon all day. Then again I drink a monster energy drink at night to calm the nerves as well and most anti sleep stuff like no doze will knock me out. Most people with add or adhd or related issues will see a similar “flip” in effects from marijuana.


Advantages and disadvantage of Cannabis Distillate

While there has been no science linked to any lung diseases caused by cannabis smoke, we have all felt that heavy lung sensation that can come from harsh smoke and unwanted plant matter entering our systems, but distillate offers a way to avoid all of that.

Cannabis Distillate effects

Cannabis differs from coke, crack, meth and heroin because they are highly addictive, toxic to the body and/or cause physical withdraw, whereas cannabis are/do not. With opiates, the withdraw is so severe that the need for more opiates trumps any other need or desire. This is why junkies commit robberies, become prostitues, or neglect their kids. To them, going without their next fix is like going without air.

Although your friend sounds addicted if he can’t function without daily weed, there is no physical addiction with MJ. I know many folks who enjoy weed at the end of the day like a beer but I wouldn’t call them addicts. Testing for cannabis use in Silicon Valley companies stopped because nobody could be hired, not the high end talent at least.

I, like most of America can’t go without my morning cup of coffee, and get headaches if I happen to not drink it. As a vasoconstrictor it keeps away headaches. That’s physical dependency.

As more patients use medical MJ, which has been approved for many indications including cancerous tumor cell inhibition, many states also legalized it for recreational use.

 Where to buy Cannabis Distillate

there are many places to buy but make sure your at the right place . like distillate1.com

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